Jerome Camp

Jerry has been involved in seed- and early-stage venture capital investing since 1974. He co-founded CampVentures in 1997. During his tenure with the firm, he led investments in BlueSteel Networks (acquired by Broadcom; NASDAQ: BRCM), Cepheid;  (acquired by Danaher Corporation; NYSE: DHR), AirPrime (acquired by Sierra Wireless, NASDAQ: SWIR), GeoVector, BOPS (Billions of Operations Per Second) - (acquired by Altera, NASDAQ: ALTR), Digital Fountain (acquired by Qualcomm, NASDAQ: QCOM), and SiTime (acquired by MegaChips Corporation: Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Prior to founding CampVentures, Jerry founded ComTier (acquired by Andrew Corporation; NASDAQ: ANDW), a provider of high-speed TDMA modems for voice, data, and video for both satellite-based and terrestrial-based multiple-access wireless communications systems, and Spancom, a provider of decoder chips to the wireless communications industry.

Before these entrepreneurial endeavors, he was involved in communications systems development at a number of companies, such as Martin–Marietta (acquired by Lockheed Missile Systems; NYSE: LMS), ESL (acquired by TRW; NYSE: TRW), and Stanford Telecommunications (acquired by Alcatel; NYSE: ALA). Jerry also served as a consultant to Lockheed-Martin (NYSE: LMT) for ten years on the MILSTAR advanced communications systems satellite program. 

Jerry has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Arkansas, a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, an MS in mechanical engineering from Purdue, and a PhD in electrical engineering, with a specialization in communications, from the University of Arizona.